Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sherm and Daniel in deep conversation. This must have been important..yeah, right!
The Birthday hat...About 2 months early
Rubbergator on her en500. It's hidden in the haze, but that's Mount Ranier right in front of her. It was rush hour in South Seattle, and took a long time to get to the eatin's place.
The early arrivers...Maryanne and Dutch, Flyin' Willy, Dave, Mike and Suzanne, and Gypsy Cat.
Dave just spent 3 years in Thailand, he's been out to VROC events two night in a row! Welcome back, Dave.
Our 'new' couple! Suzanne and Mike. They have a Nomad, and only heard about VROC a few days ago. They fit right in!
Dutch and Rocket Girl.
Ham and Dutch's wife, Maryanne
Gypsy Cat, Suzanne, and Mike. Cave and Dutch.
These were huge shimp in cheese sauce with all the trimmings! I think this was Rubbergator's dinner..She's been doing real well at weight watchers, this may not have been a good thing............
Flyin' Willy had a salad. He's being 'self righteous' but after we all had full tummy's, we wish we'd had salads too!
Daniel with his chili verde. I had the shrimp with mushrooms, carrots, and some other things in a delicious white sauce. Came with shrimp and crab cakes in a different sauce..I was good and only ate one tortilla, no beans or rice, and only a few chips.
Pepper Jack and Mary enjoying their dinner.
Dave is getting his share of the dessert. This looks better than the picture of him eating the shrimp head last night!
Lisa eating the 'birthday' dessert! Mary to the left, Suzanne on the right
Group shot. Flyin' Willy, Ham, Mike, Suzanne, Rocket Girl, Dave, Maryann, Lisa, Dutch, Pepper Jack, Mary, Sherm, Gypsy Cat, Daniel. Whose birthday was this anyway!!??
Rocket Girl in her new "leathers" to go with the cruiser she now is riding. She probably has a closet full of "crotch rocket" leathers! Dutch on the left and Flying Willie are standing by.
Mike is getting the "Nad" loaded up. Sure nice to meet you guys, gald you came.
This is Joon, our cook from the Sushi place last night. I posted this, but for some reason it didn't make the blog, so it's out of order..He sure knows how to decorate raw fish!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This good looking shovel head was up visiting SCP. The owner says he's ready to move up to a Gold Wing now. He's owned this Hardley for 29 years!
One of the bikes in for work at SCP. Guy has been having a busy year. He's not getting rich, but he stays busy. Although he still speciaizes in Vulcans, he's a top mechanic on all brands.
You can click on the picture to read the Wally. These are given in honor of Wally Parker, the founder of the National Hot Rod Association. Butch was the the number one in points this year in the Motorcycle Division. He's a pro AMA racer. He also got another award and trophy for the best appearing vehicle at the drag strip. He has a beautiful pro-dragger with a VERY "built" Kawasaki 1100 engine, nice paint all matched with the wheelie bar, and his leathers. He brought it by the house today, just a few minuets after I left, so missed him.. I was anxious to take some pictures, but now will have to want until I'm back in Oregon.
Butch Cook with the Bonneville VN2000. He didn't get this "Wally" there, he picked it up last weekend with his drag bike.
Guy is preparing this old Shovel to take to the All Harley drags next summer. He's not going to put a lot into it, just a fun project.
Sunset at the Casa Acord last night...A harvest sun.
Scorpion~ did the ordering for us. He really out did himself! This was good. All this raw fish, and I was only drinking hot tea!
All raw fish! Yum Yum..Joon the cook outdid himself on this one..............
Can you believe we ate this raw stuff? Looks like something I used to use for bait!
Scorpion~ seems to like raw fish, and he was quite fond of crunching up these deep fried shrimp heads, eyes and all! He knew the owner, the cook and all the wait staff! Hmmmm, I think he's been in here before! Thanks for the fun Steve!

Dave liked the shrimp heads..Of course, after a small jar of Saki, you can probably eat anything!